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My 5 month old is waking with more than normal gunk in her eyes?!?

  • Liz
    Mar 07

    I’d just wipe them with a wet cloth. We got eye drops as a precaution but it went away. Keep an eye out for redness or discharge

  • Katie
    Mar 08

    My 4 month old does this whenever she’s fighting off a cold. With my 1st baby I had called my doctor about it and he said to just keep it clean with a soft warm (damp) washcloth. All of their sinuses and secretions and everything are so close together that yes as long as there’s no redness or signs of infection it should be normal

  • Kee
    Mar 08

    Could be a clogged eye duct. Either way You should go to her pediatrician and get some eye ointment prescribed if it is green