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My 7 month old is so sick

Stuffy nose, and a bad cough along with teething. Any suggestions besides the hot steam and humidifier.

  • Blanqui
    Mar 14

    You can look up for Mommy’s Bliss organic cough and mucus medicine they have different types, works amazingly and also Vick’s vapor rub for baby’s comes with a pink top...these will help baby sleep a little more comfortable at night

  • Jenn
    Mar 14

    Put the vapor rub on the feet with socks over it. Sucks the cough out. Also, make sure the cough syrup doesn't ha e honey because some natural ones do. Nose Frida is also a God send.

  • Lisa
    Mar 14

    Zarbee’s cough medicine, infant formula . It naturally breaks up mucus and usually my kids got over such congestion in like 4 days!! No chemicals in it, just natural herbs and such.

  • Amy
    Mar 14

    Nose Frida is life! Any tylenol for the teething.

  • T
    Mar 15

    Skin to skin

  • Maria
    Mar 16

    My son's doc said I can put vicks on his chest. He's 5.5mos old.