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My almost 1 yr old doesn't want to hold her sippy cup


She is 1 on dec 4th and I still hold her sippy cup up to her mouth. She is exclusively breastfed and doesn't really get bottles when she did she didn't hold them well. Is this normal

  • Jessica
    Nov 27, 2018

    My little boy did this at 12 months too. He went from bottles to cups that I held (which he wasn’t a fan of at first). We eventually decided we weren’t going to hold his cup for him anymore around 13 months and forced him to do it. After a lot of tears and some support he started to hold it himself. We had to push him because at his daycare they don’t do bottles or hold cups for them in the one year old room and we didn’t want him to be frustrated constantly at daycare.

  • Becki
    Nov 27, 2018

    Yes very normal

  • Anonymous
    Nov 27, 2018

    Definitely normal. Just keep practicing with her! Put her hands on the cup etc