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My almost 2 year old is constantly destroying my 4 year olds Magna tile creations.


As soon as my 4 year old finishes his Magna tile creation, my almost 2 year old breaks it. My 4 year is losing his mind and I don’t blame him. We have tried giving the 2 year old his own magna tiles to play with and also having him take a break.... nothing works. Any ideas?

  • Anonymous
    Feb 09

    Put him in a different room? There is nothing you can do but tell him he shouldn't do it, and maybe encourage him to build his own or clean it up. I usually say "we don't knock down other people's towers, if you want to knock one down build your own". it's a normal part of development to experiment action and reaction

  • Wayne
    Feb 09

    Sounds like my house with Legos. The 2 year old loves to destroy the robots my 4 year old is building. What works for us is to have the 4 year old have some alone time in his room so he can build stuff, and then we keep the 2 year old busy with something else.

  • Lynn
    Feb 10

    Have the older one give the 2 year old a job to help build them. Like, please hand me a yellow right triangle or give me 5 purple squares. This is what works best for us in the exact same situation. 2 year old just wants to do what big brother is doing. When it doesn’t work, I put the building project and architect on the dining room table or play with my 2 year old.

  • K
    Feb 10

    It’s just developmental. Two year olds (and below) destroy and 4 year olds build. It’s hard but I tell my son that his sisters are learning, not being mean on purpose. He either plays in his room or on the table like others said. After awhile he will build things for them to destroy.

  • Kristen
    Feb 10

    I remember when I was a kid, my little sister would do the same thing to me and of course it made me furious. The good news is she grew out of it and we are best friends as adults. The bad news is my mom had to referee and as a parent now I can feel her pain lol. What I realize now is that my sister looked up to me and just wanted to whatever I was doing...but she didn't always have the coordination or skill so it seemed like she was just being destructive. The knocking down the magna tiles might just be your 2yo's way of trying to play with his big brother. Maybe find a way they can play with them together some of the time, and give your older kid a more "private" place to play (maybe up on a table or in another room where 2yo can't get to them) every once in a while so he can do his own thing.

  • Alisha
    Feb 10

    Maybe have your older child work at a table on a tray so that the project can be moved out of your 2 yo’s reach? He will grow out of it eventually! Give your 4 yo some extra love when it happens ❤️❤️❤️

  • Amanda
    Feb 10

    Whenever my 4 year old son wants to play with something that he doesn’t want his 1.5yo sister to touch I tell him he has to play in his room. If he’s playing in the common areas he has to share with her...or move it to his room.

  • Lily
    Feb 10

    Make a space for the 4 year old that the two year old can't go. There is nothing you can do about the 2 year old

  • Sara
    Feb 11

    I have a 3.5 year old and a baby who always destroys the 3.5 year old's creations. The rule in our house is if the 3.5 doesn't want her stuff destroyed, she has to play with it in her own room. That room is off limits for the baby. If she's playing with it out in the common area or play room, then it's fair game for her little sister to destroy.

  • Suz
    Aug 21

    We have had this same struggle- similar ages! First, I tell my younger child (1) gently but loud enough that my preschooler (4) can hear it, “Sweetpea you can play with these ones here- careful, your brother is building a tower over there.” And I sit between them. I know my toddler doesn’t necessarily understand it, but I believe my preschooler might appreciate knowing that he is not the only one who is told “no,” and “be careful” all the time! Secondly, if my toddler just can’t resist my older child’s creations and does topple a tower and my son gets upset, I quickly remind him, “oops! She is just a baby and doesn’t know better, but we can teach her to play your way and we can rebuild!” Lastly, if it just isn’t working (most of the time haha) I ask my son to play with them in an area (eg table) inaccessible to my daughter and then play something else with her.