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My almost 8mo baby is super mobile!


Recently my baby started crawling and getting up on her knees with the help of furniture around her. When I try to play with her, she doesn't seem so interested in the toys or books I read to her. But once I lie on the floor, she just loves trying to climb or get on top of me. I'll even nurse her while lying on the floor! I'm looking up other activities I can do with her to help with her development. So far she really enjoys crawling around and exploring! Does anyone have a similar situation and/or have any suggestions for activities? She's quite advanced being on her tummy and is really good at hyper extending her spine to look up.

  • Vonda
    May 29, 2018

    My baby is the same way. He’s constant moving. I try to just play and see what he wants to do. They are getting plenty of development by moving. Learning and working on coordination and muscle strength. So don’t worry about that. I try to have him crawl towards a toy or a relative. So he learns what specifics things and who people are, etc. It’s fun for him and everything is a learning experience. :) Have fun!

  • Lisa
    May 29, 2018

    I would not have her crawl all over you. My MIL had my son do that with her when he was small, now he tries to wrestle her every time she is over and get very physical with her. He is now a very tall 3 year old and grandma is not getting any younger. Just crawling all over and pulling up on furniture is lots of mental stimuli!

  • Drusilla
    Jun 05, 2018

    I love letting my son play on me 🖤 hurts but it's fun for us lol he's a very active baby as well and not so interested in his stuff, but anything else he's not supposed to have or get into 😅