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My almost two year old doesn’t sleep on her own unless I rock her to sleep. What can I do?

  • Julie
    Feb 13

    Same!! I just keep telling myself Harvard freshman don’t need to be rocked to sleep and my little genius will grow out of it before she turns 18😉😅😋. No advice for stopping it though, sorry 😐

  • A
    Feb 13

    Same with my 14 month old. He will patiently wait for the bed time routine to wind down to where we have to sing and Pat him to sleep. Lol

  • Christa
    Feb 13

    I have a 1 yr old who is a ball of energy all the time and will fight his sleep to the end. What we started doing was giving him chamomile tea, and it starts to calm him down, then a warm bath and a story, and then we put him to bed. Usually just having something to calm them down helps a ton! I also occasionally use sleepy time tea- which he actually really likes ( the one with vanilla from Celestial) in his sippy cup, and put him down with that, and read to him while he’s snuggled up in bed helps create a new routine to get him to sleep too. It seems to work for us, and when he gets silly we just say “it’s not play time please. It’s bed time.” Then tuck him in and finish our story and kiss him goodnight. Hope that’s helps. I also will just gently stroke the side of his face, or the ridge of his nose, and that helps too.

  • Taylor
    Feb 16

    my daughter was the same way now i just lay her in bed with us get close to her hold her hand (in the dark btw no tvs on because apparently that is what keeps them awake) and about 30/45mins after she falls asleep I take her to her bed n tuck her in all comfy then shes good for the rest of the night. i wish i didnt have to do it that way but its ok for now as long as you NEVER forget to put them back in their beds whatever time of night and try not to wake them up taking her over thats all i can say 😥 good luck!

  • Haley
    Feb 17

    Cry it out.