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My baby is in breach


This is my second pregnancy and my baby is in breach. Does that mean I’ll need a c-section? Is it better to have a c-section then to have the doctor shove their hand up and turn the baby? I’m just nervous. If I do get a c-section how early or when should I schedule it.? I’m due on September 14th (which is my fiancés birthday)

  • B
    Jul 02, 2019

    My baby was breech. Around 37 weeks we tried the doctor flipping her, which hurt like hell. But it’s way too early for you to worry. All babies are upside now

  • Jennie
    Jul 04, 2019

    My 4th was breach. As far as I know, doctors don't generally do internal inversions unless something is wrong during labor. If an OB or midwife won't facilitate a breach delivery then they won't allow you to go that far. They'll schedule a c-section. (It could depend on location). I did lots of things to get her to flip naturally, look into Spinning Babies and Webster certified Chiropractic. We had an external version (where they try to flip her from the outside) and it was painful and it failed (and our insurance didn't cover it, so we paid like $800). Anyway she flipped on her own at 38 weeks and I had a vaginal delivery. I would recommend trying Spinning Babies techniques for now, it really only becomes an issue closer to 36/37 weeks. Until then, work on getting baby into the right position and see what happens!

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jul 04, 2019

    You still have a lot of time for baby to turn. If you want other options I know that some chiropractors have some methods that might help.

  • Lily
    Jul 05, 2019

    Way too early to worry about it! Don't stress until you are around 35 weeks!