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My BIL is living with us and it’s a nightmare.


My brother in law has been living with us for about 3 months now and he is an absolute horror to live with. Not only does he play his music at all times of the day while my 3mo is trying to nap/sleep, he NEVER cleans up after himself even though I’ve asked him (nicely) repeatedly to do so. He just recently blew up at me for leaving ONE dirty pan on the stove because he was trying to make dinner. I’m a SAHM so all I do all day is clean. I am sick of his behavior and do not want him living with us anymore. My husband refuses to talk to him so i’m stuck being the bad guy. I truly don’t know what to do in this situation as he isn’t my brother so I can only take it so far when talking to him.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 18

    I had a similar issue where I had both my mother and father I law living with us. I did all the cooking cleaning plus taking care of the kids and my mother in law did not lift a finger. She always had her tv loud while I was trying to get my children down for a nap or at night. It was horrific! I kept quiet for years because “they weren’t my parents” but they disregarded everything my husband said to them and finally I reached my breaking point and found them a nice affordable home and did not give them an option and out they went. My husband supported the decision because he had his fill of the situation as well... what I’m saying is stand your ground and open your mouth. It took me years to do so and I would have saved myself a lot of stress and frustration if I opened my mouth sooner

  • Mrs. HHH
    May 15

    Can you make him pay as “rent” some money each month for weekly cleaning person? Or change the WiFi password every day and he can have the password only if he cleans his mess (or whatever). Yes it’s treating him like a child but he’s acting like one. YUCK! Sounds like he’ll be a bachelor for a longggg time This sounds awful.

  • CheerioMama
    May 21

    It sounds like this is getting between you and your hubby. Nothing is more important than that relationship. If he seems like he’ll support you, tell his brother to get out. You may have to be the instigator, but it will probably be worth it