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My daughter gets super angry and throws a tantrum, any other kiddos doing that?

  • Bethany
    Sep 12

    Yes my daughter is! She’s 20 months so I think her tantrums are caused by her not being able to communicate what’s wrong

  • Kendall
    Sep 12

    Yup, I do my best to avoid what I can but..... toddlers will be toddlers lol

  • Anonymous
    Sep 13

    My two year old🙄🤦‍♀️ He’s into firefighters, grandma got him a realistic af firefighter outfit...... This dude will NOT let anyone dress him. So he attempts to put on the jacket, he is successful 50% of the time & the other percent, he will throw a sh*t show if he can’t put it on. Heaven forbid anyone helps him put it on🙄

  • Mama
    Sep 17

    My 11th month old will do that. Consistency is key. And when the tantrum has passed, we talk it out with her. Yes. At times it seems like what could she understand. But she does. She gets it.