London, Greater London


My husband is fascinated by the British government and monarchy, so this was a must-see for our family. They have a 20-stop audio tour that walks you through the entire facility, which is majestic and sprawling. My 5yo LOVED the kids version, and tapped us a few times to pause our audio so he could tell us tidbits from his audio, like "did you know a guy stored gun powder RIGHT UNDER THIS FLOOR and tried to BLOW UP THE KING?!" I was left wishing I had listened to the kids version too! 😂 We spent 1.5 hours here. Toward the end the 2yo got fussy and wasn't content with the Beco, so I gave her a Daniel Tiger game on my phone and she played it while wandering along with us. The staff kept smiling at us and making friendly comments like, "don't bother her, she's busy!"