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My husbands ex is annoying. Can I avoid her without effecting my relationship with my step-kids?

  • Anonymous
    Jul 22, 2019

    No. You have to learn to coparent.

  • Carrie
    Oct 27

    I disagree. You can't necessarily avoid her fully but Coparenting is the primary responsibility of your husband. You weren't married to her he was. He needs to take up the slack with doing the Lions share when it comes to coparenting. Coparenting is not always possible. Sometimes parallel parenting is best.

  • Onewomanwlfpak
    Jan 07

    As someone who really wishes my sons dad would coparent, I say you can easily avoid her. It’s his job to deal with her, not yours. In my situation, my ex’s gf has hurt our coparenting situation by being clingy and jealous. I WISH all she did was avoid me.