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My little one sleeping at night

My nine month old daughter has just recently refused to sleep in her bed at night, I can rock her and she'll fall sound asleep, but the second I lay her in her own bed she wakes up screaming. I have tried just letting her cry it out, holding her a little longer to make sure shes sound asleep, even holder her a shorter amount of time so she doesnt get too used to sleeping on me. I have just laid her down in bed with a bottle but she won't even try to drink it unless I pick her up. She wont even calm down if im standing right next to her rubbing her back. We have baby number 2 on the way so I don't want her to get used to sleeping in bed with me... especially cause I just don't sleep very well with her in bed because im constantly checking on her all night.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 11

    My son did this when he was transitioning his schedule. It took me some time to really nail a good bedtime for him! He’d wake up just after falling asleep screaming and I wasn’t sure why but I think it’s because he didn’t want me to leave, like he wasn’t tired enough and wanted to stay up? Anyways I pushed bedtime back by 1/2 hour at a time until he was tired enough to fall asleep after laying him in bed. Yes he would cry, and he is now 14 months and still does 2 min of crying before falling asleep. But it is very important for children to self soothe. Try reading the Ferber method. Even if you don’t want to sleep train there are a lot of great ideas to help you understand infant sleep.