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My LO will go into hysterics every time I burp her during feedings! Anyone else have this problem?

No matter the position— over my shoulder, on my lap, etc. I always feel terrible because she’s already a gassy baby and her crying just makes her swallow more air! She’s going on 7 weeks and is formula fed. I have no idea how to prevent her from doing this. She does this every single feeding! We burp her once halfway through feeding and at the end of feeding.

  • Lisa
    Jun 03, 2018

    Wait a bit longer like till she slows down or starts to loose interest in eating before burping... my daughter was the same way, so we just stopped forcing her to stop eating and let her tell us when she was too full of milk and air to eat more.... then burp, and offer more milk... I breast feed through the bottle but same principle should apply

  • Liza M.
    Jun 04, 2018

    I also never burped between feedings. It never seemed to be an issue and my LO was fine to be burped after finishing.

  • anonymous mom
    Jun 04, 2018

    Agree with above. It didn’t matter if I was nursing or feeding breastmilk or formula through bottles, I had to wait till she slowed down to burp or she’d get soo upset.

  • Kendall
    Jun 04, 2018

    I didn't burp between either! Agreed with try waiting until the end

  • Anonymous
    Jun 04, 2018

    I only burped my LO after the feeding (: maybe that will help!

  • Elle
    Jun 04, 2018

    Our started doing this. Maybe let her drink a good bit before the first burp? I'd stick with frequent burpings, though for the gas relief and spitup preemption. Eventually she'll figure it out that burping doesn't mean the end of lunch. Can you give her a pacifier during?

  • Hopps
    Jun 04, 2018

    I may sound like a bad mom, but I don't burp my son... he does it on his own. He actually prefers it that way, and never has trouble getting it out. Now he did have reflux for the first 4 months of his life, and I would hold him upright for 1 hour after feeding and pace him frequently... sometimes feeding only a little at a time. But when I burped him or didn't burp him it didn't seem to matter - he'd burp by himself.

  • Lillie
    Jun 05, 2018

    I just burped all mine at the end and never had any problems, in the middle... maybe she is just freaking out because she is still hungry?