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My son asks the same question before bedtime


Every night before bed my son says, “I’m hungry.” Even when I am 100% sure he isn’t. This question is literally part of our bedtime routine! Tonight he probably said this 5 times. Each time he has a specific response he expects. Does anyone else’s 4 (almost 5 y/o) do this? I am starting to get a little concerned 😆

  • Marika
    Apr 03

    Hi. My son does this occasionally a few times a week, typically on daycare days but also on other days. I treat it as a statement and I am giving him a small portion before bed when he asks or sometimes a cup of milk satisfied him instead of a small portion of dinner (typically bread). When I ask why he didn't ask more during actual dinner he says he was not hungry at that time. I know you mentioned you know he can't be hungry, but may be he is?

  • Joanna
    Apr 03

    My almost 5 yo did this last month. Kept asking for a snack after pajamas were on. I gave him a snack (half a butter sandwich) a few days in a row, then the next day offered him a snack right before bath time. Just reminded him that he's been hungry after bath so he needs to eat now or wait until morning. He ate it. I think it was just a growth spurt.

  • Ali
    Apr 03

    To clarify a little more, my son says, “I’m hungry” to which I say, what do we always say? He replies, “how about if I can’t sleep I can have a snack?” 99% of the time no snack is given. I don’t even think he says it because he is actually hungry. It is like this is just something we say before bed, like a prayer. Tonight he realized he hadn’t said it and said it super fast as though he was squeezing it in before bedtime. Lol! I would say this has been a nightly thing for 1-3 months. It is starting to feel a little OCD when he says it multiple times a night. If I actually gave him a snack rather than just saying my line, I think he would be disappointed!

  • Anonymous
    Apr 04

    Or maybe he’s hungry and he’s struggling through it. Why not give a snack before bedtime and see?

  • Jess
    Apr 04

    My 6 year old does this so he can stay up longer. If I know he ate dinner and had a snack, I don’t give in.

  • Darnell
    Apr 15

    My 8 year old does it as well, it’s a tactic he’s discovered to stay up later. So we actually allow him to get up and make himself a bowl of cereal or leftovers from dinner but no tv, no iPad, nobthing he has to eat in silence and typically this results in “I’m not hungry anymore” and he goes off to bed