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My son is 18 months and he is starting his terrible twos! Help!!!

I am stay at home parent but I try to work from home, it’s becoming impossible as my son is more and more active. His tantrums are more frequent and he wants to be entertained all day long. The only break I get is when he naps for two hours during the day (please god dont let this change) what are your experiences with toddlerhood? where do you get patience? how do you get the energy to handle everything? if anyone has an active toddler, lets be friends!!! I want to know your thoughts guys!

  • Vonda
    Oct 03

    I nap when my son naps. It helps me reset a little for the rest of the day. My son just turned two and is tumbling everywhere. I just set up an area where he can tumble and play freely during that phase. Couch cushions on the floor, yoga mat, rug area, carpeted room etc. somewhere he can just let loose and not worry so much. I just set boundaries that he’s not allowed to tumble on the couch with cushions on the couch. Easier for him to fall off the side and hurt himself. I read ‘montessori toddler’ and it helped me create more patience for me. Helped me learn what was going on in his head. Etc. And by creating areas for my son. He was feeling that he couldn’t get anything done on his own. So I set up an entry space for him. And a small drawer in the kitchen is his. Etc. so when he get ready for the day all his things are where they need to be. Which helps us from trying to find the missing shoe. Lol. I also try to keep his electronic entertainment to a minimum. I noticed he is more emotional and tantrum when we have tv or a show on. I hope this helps.

  • Katie
    Oct 03

    Listen to No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury. It will change your life!

  • Olivia
    Oct 03

    My daughter is a very active toddler who never sleeps and has given me a horrible makeover. She will be two in a week and no longer naps. When she throws tantrums I ignore her. Over the past two months she has learned what "frustrated" means so 90% of the time she will say "I'm frustrated" and were able to avoid a tantrum. The rest of the time we deal with 5 minutes of screaming and crying before the tantrum is over. We spend about 3-4 hours outside and watch super simple songs or cocomelon when she needs a break from interaction. This usually gives me 30 minutes to gather myself. The only time I get away from her is when I go to work now. Is it possible for you to go to a library an hour or two a day to get some work done?

  • Anonymous
    Oct 03

    Have you tried looking in to a YMCA? Where I live in NC they have a nursery that will watch your children for 2 hours a day! Every day! Every. Single. Day. Your son gets experience with other kids, expends MORE energy, and you get 2 or so hours to be by yourself. And lots of men and women who go to my Y bring their computers and work during those 2 hours instead of working out. And if cost is an issue they do income based memberships. We only pay about half the cost for a family membership. AND if you work there a few hours a week your membership is free for yourself.

  • Stacey
    Nov 02

    My 2 year old only takes hour naps so you are lucky there. He has just started throwing tantrums himself. Usually it is when he gets hungry or we take something away from him for some reason.