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My son is 18 months old , the first 17 months he was a pretty good sleeper but the last 6 weeks 🤦‍♂️

The last 6 weeks have been rough , he will fall asleep in my and my wife’s arms but soon as we put him down he screams and will continue if we let him . We finally get him down then he will wake up every 2 to 3 hours and the routine starts over , is this normal or out of ordinary?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 05

    Sounds like my son when he’s teething.... have you tried Tylenol or Motrin before bedtime? 6 weeks kinda seems long for teething though..... hm. Waking every few hours makes me think pain, ear infection? Did he recently drop to one nap? When we transitioned to one nap we had to mess around with bedtime to get timing right

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 06

    I’d say teething too. If things are “on schedule” for teething with him it’s probably the canines, which were the worst for us (until now, with her final molars). I give my daughter ibuprofen before bed. And lots of cool foods (watermelon, frozen blueberries, etc) during the day to soothe her. Good luck.

  • Sug
    Aug 07

    Sounds pretty normal to me. My son went through a brief regression around that age. Started boycotting naps, but night sleep wasn't affected (thankfully). He was also teething around that time as others have said. The falling asleep in your arms and being transferred to his bed could also be the culprit! I'd try to wean away from doing that as it will make things so much easier come bedtime. You're not alone though! It will pass!

  • Momof1
    Aug 09

    We had a similar issue except our son never slept alone in his crib until he was 18 months old. We paid for a sleep training service which we found very helpful. The basic idea was pat his back for five mins leave him alone 5 mins pat his back again and make sure he is laying down not standing up and every so often if he is really fussy we would pick him up and calm him down. This could go on over an hour but eventually he started to like the crib and would sleep without crying so much and by 20 months he was sleeping with us just saying good night and leaving the room. Weaning him from your arms is a really good idea! You will get passed this! don’t worry!