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My son is going to be four months in a couple weeks. He usually takes 2-3 naps a day, 3-4 hours long. He wakes up around 8 or 9. He takes his first nap around 11. He’ll then wake up around 2 and then go down for another nap between 3 and 4 o’clock. Then depending on the time he falls asleep, he’ll wake up around one and a half to two hours later. Then depending on that he’ll sometimes have a 3rd nap around 6. Bedtime is around 9 to 9:30ish. He’ll wake up at the most twice at night to feed. This isn’t a set schedule I put him on. I go by how he’s feeling but lately I’ve been thinking about having him on a set schedule. If this is how he is almost everyday do you still think I need to put him on a schedule?

  • Elena
    Oct 03, 2017

    I never had mine on a schedule, but at 13 months because of recurring ear infections my oldest would be offered just water in a sippy cup at night. After two weeks she started sleeping through the night. She's now 3.

  • Nina
    Oct 03, 2017

    You shouldn't have to put him on a set schedule unless you're working and need your sleep. 😝 Our pediatrician said try to let the baby sleep throughout the night. Unless he's crying bloody murder, then feed him at night. That way you can have a schedule. I fed my son every 3 hrs or so during the day or when he felt like it and then he sleeps throughout the night. Hope this helps. Good luck!!

  • Nikola
    Oct 04, 2017

    No. This sounds like a perfect day for a 3-month-old to me!

  • Stacy
    Oct 04, 2017

    I’m jealous. Having a really hard time with naps here and don’t get more than 2.5 hrs at night.

  • Joey
    Oct 04, 2017

    It's up to you, whether you want to sleep through the night. As they grow, their sleep schedule changes.

  • Joey Carlton
    Oct 04, 2017

    Doesn't seem like you need a schedule but just be aware that sleep regression may be coming and you may want those naps to shorten a bit so baby can sleep at night. At 4 months the amount of sleep baby should get is about 15 hours or so if I remember right. By 5/6 months that goes down to about 14. Too much sleep during the day may keep little one up at night. BUT if your kid seems happy and rested, you're already doing everything right!! 💗