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My son needs to scratch my neck to fall asleep

Hey, my 16 mo son is so used to touching / scratching / squeezing the skin of my neck when falling asleep that it's really hard to break the habit. He wakes up when I try to keep his hand away. Any similar experiences?

  • Ivy
    Feb 15

    Ughhh, my son (now just over 2 years) started skin pinching and eventually, nipple twiddling!!! I would never let him do it and it would be a total meltdown... eventually he found my bellybutton (Currently pregnant and my belly button always pops out) and now he always needs to caress my belly button!!! We have him in his own bed, but he will sneak out and climb over to me, just to touch my belly button!!! So far, I just have to sleep on the couch, far away from him... but my hubby says our son will go to him and try doing it too... before I was too big, I rolled over on my stomach so he wouldn’t have access to my chest or belly. Since your son likes your neck tho, I’m not sure what can help! I’m so sorry though, I totally relate. I’ve been trying to get him attached to a comfy since he was a baby. Never happened because he wanted to touch me all the time

  • Anonymous
    Feb 15

    My daughter has a bear doll that she pulls the fur on. It’s falling apart, but serves this need for her when falling asleep.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Feb 15

    My 2.5 for the last year or so rubs his fingers on our thumb nails when trying to fall asleep! So funny.

  • molly
    Feb 15

    Have u tried holding his hand in yours ( like u r waltzing) and that may calm him off to sleep...

  • Nurse
    Feb 16

    My son was a breastfed baby and needed stimulation during feedings to the point he would punch my boob and sometimes himself with his little baby hands. He transitioned to pinching me or anyone else in his grasp. I would redirect his hand to his own body. He is now 4 and he pinches his neck when he is tired.

  • Ashly
    Feb 20

    Following- My son has to touch someone to fall asleep.

  • Beth
    Feb 22

    I had a shirt my daughter loved to play with and she needed to stim to fall asleep. I just tied the paci to it and let her have it as her lovey! It's great, washable, smelled like me and made it easy for her to find her paci at night by herself. She's three now and only has it for bed/nap times! And the dentist is very proud of her teeth and pallet. ;) Give the baby something to fiddle with that smells like you!