My tween is impossible to talk to most of the time.

My tween is impossible to talk to most of the time. She interrupts and has a bad attitude. She all of a sudden thinks she knows everything. Any suggestions for how to help?

  • Jackeline
    Aug 09, 2018

    My 11 year old was like this before I had to talk to her about her TV shows and other interests.But once I had her talking I asked her ‘ what I can do to try to talk to her better and her try to listen’ to my surprise she told me that I was talking and not listening to her so we spent couple of hours doing what she liked and she opened up. I told her if she keeps the bad attitude out I would spend more time doing the things she likes and buying the things that matter to her.

  • T
    Aug 09, 2018

    By being firm but loving. Keeping age appropriate boundaries in place & having an open door policy.

  • Maya
    Mar 28

    It’s hard to be a tween. Sometimes you don’t think your mom is on your side. Try to be very loving and maybe even spoil your daughter a little bit. Is there something or someone at home that is upsetting your daughter? Maybe she is embarrassed about that something at home. Always remember that children look up to their parents and want them to be on their side at all costs. You need to make sure she knows she is your number 1.