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Nanny problems


My now 9-month old has scared off his second nanny, which is frustrating because I need time during the week to concentrate on my schoolwork (I am a PhD student and only use a nanny twice a week for 3 hrs). He has stranger anxiety, so he is not always the easiest to distract, but I wish I could find someone consistent for him. Am I just picking the wrong people? Does anyone have some advice?

  • Christine
    Jan 30

    You need someone that can handle a baby let alone soon to be toddler. Make sure you interview people that have experience and at least has patience with children. Also make sure they are cpr and first aid certified or at least knows first aid and cpr. Sorry wish i could help more. If you were in my area i would of loved to watch ur 9 month old. I have 2 kids 2 and 4 months.

  • Emily
    Jan 30

    Are you home while he is watched? My sister had a nanny that’d stay while she worked on school. But my niece would scream her head off she found the cure was not being there and going somewhere to do school work. Her next one she started with putting my nephew in daycare for a couple days a week then transitioned to nanny and she said it made a huge difference

  • Kerry
    Jan 30

    I agree with Emily, if your home it probably makes it worse. My little one had alot of separation anxiety at about 9/10 months. When i was gone he was fine with his dad but if i was home he only wanted me. I was a nanny before a sahm, most of the time i interviewed with the parents then met the child/children for a second interview. See how they interact with your child and if they have the same views as you with looking after them, disciplining, feeding, potty training etc. It also takes time for your child to bond with someone else especially at that age so it may be a case of leaving him reasure him youll be home and go. Their crying generally stops as soon as the parents are out of sight, I also worked at a day are some kids cried so much until they couldnt see their parent then they went happily playing.

  • Elle
    Jan 31

    Suggest daycare to nip the stranger anxiety in the bud now, vs when he enters kindergarten

  • Amy
    Jan 31

    I think 9 months is about the time separation anxiety tends to appear even in babies who were friendly and confident before, so you're at a rough stage - it should get better! Meanwhile, I don't know how you are picking/finding your care giver, but finding someone who has experience with babies should help them have the patience to let your little one get used to them! You might have to leave the house or close the door for a few times and resist going back in to "check" so he settles down... :( Good luck!!