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Nap time messing with bedtime.

My two yr old has recently started taking his naps at 1pm instead of 11:30am (he wakes up between 6 and 7). With a 1p nap it has him sleeping until 3-4p and bed time is at 8:30. My husband tries getting as much energy out between then but he is still not tired. Bed time can't be moved back because I'm at work and my husband works early. Any suggestions on getting in bed on time.

  • Lesley
    Jan 11

    Because two year olds need about 2-3 hours of “daytime” sleep. I would say that you should let him sleep from 1-3 and then wake him up, even if he’s fussy etc! Make sure to have a steady and consistent evening routine: ex. bath, pj’s, brush teeth, stories, hugs and kisses and then lights out! Start it a little earlier then usual so that way he can whine down, cry it out a bit. He may be upset the first few times but if you keep at it he will be out by 8:30!

  • Megan
    Jan 11

    This happened with our daughter as well. She used to take earlier naps and now she takes them later. I’m personally fine with her taking naps whenever, but I always make sure she is up by 3 and doesn’t nap after cause that will change her sleeping throughout the night. And getting her energy out is an all day thing. We go on walks, to the park, run around with our dog, etc. but after about 7 we start to wind down. We have hard water and our pediatrician doesn’t want us to bathe our kids everyday. So on days with no bath we read books or do some coloring. Something calmer than jammies and night time story and tucked into bed. If we play wild energy games too close to bed than she’s just wired. But regardless she’s in bed by 8:30 and that’s it for the night. No matter how awake she is, she is in bed with lights out and no toys.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 11

    I agree with waking him up from his nap early! Try waking him up by 3 if that doesn’t help then try 2:30 etc until you find a sweet spot