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Naps are IMPOSSIBLE... what am I doing wrong?

My girls naps were always very hard to come by. Recently she’s been fully awake during her morning nap (I’d still leave her in the crib for a full hour though) and then she passed out too late in the day, which messed with her bedtime. She’s 11.5 months so I decided to just drop the morning nap and shift her to a one-nap/day schedule. (I know this is early and controversial but she’s literally been giving me only one nap a day since about 6 months anyway, although she’s been laying around in her crib twice a day). Now that I’ve shifted, it seemed super easy. She wakes at 7, and gets tired by 11ish, so I start the routine and get her down around noon. But she falls asleep for max of 12-15 mins and then is awake for the rest of the time. Do I keep her in there for the 2 hours as I hoped she’d nap for 2 hours? She isn’t crying. Just moving around, playing with her paci or lovey. What am I doing wrong??? I feel like every single thing I try (or have tried for the past half a year) backfires. Please send any advice you have that isn’t the typical advice online / in books. Thanks 🙏🏻

  • Kennedy
    Dec 07, 2018

    My daughter started doing the same at 14 months. I moved her to one nap a day. For the first week or so, she would only nap for 15 minutes and would wake up. I would leave her in her crib for the remaining time of her nap. She eventually got use to the new schedule and now naps 2 hours. So I would just give it some time and leave her in her crib, especially if she’s not crying. ☺️

  • Rocio
    Dec 07, 2018

    I noticed with my son that he naps very well with a full stomach. Do you feed her lunch first before nap time?

  • KZR💛
    Dec 08, 2018

    Yes I give her lunch beforehand and do almost the entire routine we do at bedtime besides the bath