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Nearing my due date; what goes on after baby is delivered?

Im 4 weeks away from my due date and just a little curious on what will go on after little one is delivered. will there be a million tests done on baby? I know they will do the heel test, hearing test and carseat test before releasing us but are there more im missing? Will i have to worry about blood/ urine testing while in labor? No one seems to post about what goes on after baby is delivered and i'd like to get my self mentally prepared for anything that will be going on. I have very high anxiety so knowing anything will help ease my nerves.

  • Jessica
    Feb 07

    Hi.. Congrats!! so with my first son- he wasn’t breathing well when he was delivered and was rushed to the little bed that they clean them off/weigh them and he had lots of nurses around him (all I could see was legs) and I was soo worried since he wasn’t crying. But after a couple minutes he was able to breathe on his own and they brought him up to the special care nursery and I only saw him 4 hours after giving birth... I was sooooo sad/worried as no one had communicated with me during those four hours of him being in the special care nursery. This is a worst case scenario but as a mother I would have loved to hear someone else’s experience, especially since it was my first. Typically, they place the baby on you to briefly cut the umbilical cord, they do the weighing, put the ointment on baby, clean baby off and then it’s skin to skin... I never had to do any blood/urine test while in labor but each case is different depending on medical needs.. good luck, you will do great!

  • Melissa
    Feb 07

    Thank you! That sounds like a terrifying experience, I'm glad everything worked out though. Thank you for sharing your experience, it's nice to hear what someone else went through. Thank you very much!

  • Brianne
    Feb 08

    They wiped my son off a bit and then handed him to me. He layed crying on my chest while I just layed there in shock. While I was holding him the placenta came out (I didn’t have to push or anything the doctor just tugged it out.) Stitched me up and then people started cleaning up and took the baby to the little spot to clean and weigh him etc. it’s kind of a blur but then they handed me back my baby and a neonatal nurse helped me breastfeed. Our hospital has an hour of just mommy and daddy time which was awesome and I definitely recommend requesting a quiet hour. At our hospital thr labor and delivery rooms are different than the after stay rooms and they wheeled me in the bed with baby to our new room. Then the nurses came in when they needed to but we didn’t request much so we were left on our own for the most part. A lot of hospitals offer tours. It helped calm a lot of my curiosities.

  • Lily
    Feb 08

    I wanted my baby to be put right on me, so she was put right on me nothing done to her before. Then after we got some time and everyone was out of the room ( there were like 20 people in there when she came out! ) the nurse took her over to the little bed and weighted her. Then she was right back with me. Then after a little bit I got moved to another room. Baby stayed with me all the time. At some point someone came to get her blood. And then during the day they did the hearing test. I was in the hospital for like 4 days after baby came, so everything went really slow. Just ask questions, and if there is anything really important to you make sure you talk to the nurse. Good luck!

  • Kieli
    Feb 09

    So my daughter had her first bowl movement before she entered the world. So after she was born they had to cut the umbilical cord right away and clear her mouth and nose. Since they took her away already they weighed her, got her height and cleaned the rest of her up as well. Then they gave her to me, and told me to start breastfeeding if that’s what I wanted. So I did. And she was born at 9:44 pm. So she feed while on my chest for about 2 hours while I got stitched up, then dad got to hold her for an hour then they wheeled me up to my postpartum room, which was midnight by then. Then they came and checked on me every 15 mins to see how the bleeding was going, and they made sure I was going pee frequently enough. After I was okay, and the baby was named we were left alone and I couldn’t get anyone to help me. Nobody came to help me with breastfeeding, nobody wanted to come help me when I had a question. So I was ready to leave and actually left a day early. My daughter had fluid build up in her kidney while I was pregnant, so before she was released they performed an ultrasound on her kidney to ensure she was okay. Then a few days later she went to her first dr appointment

  • Raji
    Feb 09

    For my daughter’s birth it was just husband and I... had no family near by. She came out crying and was cleaned up a bit and was put on my chest. We did delayed cord clamping; husband cut it. Then she was cleaned up( we opted for no bath for her as the white stuff on her skin is good for it) and she was measured and given her eye drop and couple of other exams. Then I tried to breastfeed her but nothing came. Then I had to use the bathroom while husband did skin to skin. I thought I could walk to bathroom but almost ended on my face; had to use a wheel chair after tat. Then we were transferred to post delivery room and later baby ended up in NICU for low oxygen and jaundice; she was there four days. I was able to walk and stuff. They would call us to breastfeed or if she was in need of holding. I did have to ask for a pain reliever as I had no medication during delivery. Since my milk didn’t come in until days later I did have to ask a doc to prescribe her formula; her lips were all dried up and she looked so hungry. It was very emotional. They we came home and were like what do we do with her...... first time parents 😂