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Need advice- Starting a daycare


I am looking at starting an in-home daycare! What are things that you love about your child’s daycare/daycare providers? Daycare providers: what is some advice you would give a first timer with a 1.5 year old of her own? Also, how do you handle taking time off? Thanks for your responses! 😁

  • Jess
    Jun 02

    Our daycare has their teachers on (4) 10 hour days and then a rotating teacher. I like this as when I pick her up after work, I am able to talk with her teacher about her day went or any concerns. They also use the brightwheel app so I get diaper/food/nap notifications and photos throughout the day and can send a text to her teacher if needed. We started at 1 yr old and they have been great in helping her adjust to being in a new (much louder 😀) environment.