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Need encouragement


Not sure why but I've been feeling very lonely. A lot of my friends are single and not a mom, so it feels like I'm unrelatable and hard to connect now. I don't have anyone to talk to. I've tried reaching out but no one really responds or can talk for very long. I just wish I had mama friends. Please send some encouragement here. I just feel so alone.

  • Brianna
    May 03

    It’s tough...I feel the same way and have found local mom groups on Facebook for when I need quick advice or to just talk about parenting. It can be awkward to start a conversation at the park or library, but you have nothing to lose saying hi and possibly making a new mommy friend. Worst case it’s a short convo, but that’s fine! Most moms are in similar situations as you and would love to meet for play dates or moms night out. It takes time and patience to find moms you’ll click with, but just be open to the possibility because you are not alone! :)

  • Nastassja
    May 04

    Look into MOMS Club. There are lots of branches, I bet you can find one in your area. It’s a wonderful way to meet moms, join in playgroups, and give back to your community. I’ve really loved and been grateful for joining.

  • Ev
    May 05

    Your park district or local library may have “Mom and me” activities or story times, that are great places to meet Moms. Local churches sometimes have “Mom’s Day Out” activities, where you could volunteer to provide breaks for other Moms and have a chance to meet and connect with other Moms at the same time. Good luck! You’ve been very intuitive about sensing a real need in yourself. Visualize what you would like to do most with other Moms, come up with a plan, and you WILL see it come to life! ❤️

  • Jennifer
    May 21

    I feel the same but was able to make 2 good mommy friends from my daughters preschool recently. If you are located near the San Gabriel, CA area please message me so we can be friends.