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Need help for 1st bday (this December)


Hi Mommy’s and daddy’s, My first sons bday is coming up in December and I have no idea what to do. I live in Orange County ca so it’s not very cold and outdoors is okay ( although I really prefer indoors). It’s really just going to be family, friends and a few kids- Maybe 5 kids total ranging from 1-5 years old. Our house is tiny and I don’t want to use my parents place because then my parents in law may throw a fit and get jealous (which they’ve done multiple times since he’s been born). My parents home is spacey and has a large backyard and easy parking whereas my in laws place is a little tighter and too small for a hang out area. He’s too little for places like pretend city or chuckie cheese and since not very many kids are coming I’d rather save those places for when he’s older and can actually enjoy them. Any ideas? Please help! Thank you!

  • Caitlin
    Oct 08, 2018

    Rent a room at a park building?

  • Theresa
    Oct 08, 2018

    Just have it at your parents house the in-laws have to get over that weird jealousy. Otherwise you should just go to a park. I feel like don’t spend to much money on a party your child isn’t really going to enjoy, but more for the pictures and family memories for later.

  • Jordan
    Oct 09, 2018

    Agreed! Your in-laws will just have to get over it.

  • R
    Oct 12, 2018

    Atlantis park in garden grove, ca it's an enclosed toddler park