Need Help Talking to Daycare About Sugar

My toddler recently started daycare. Her provider texted a picture today where she was eating a dessert. I know, most people wouldn’t care. But I’m actually pretty angry because we intentionally don’t let her have sugar yet. (The book The Case Against Sugar makes convincing arguments about its addictive and epigenetic impacts, and recommends holding off until age 4 of longer if possible.) Whatever, I can get over one time- but how do I tactfully say “please no more sugar”? When I toured the school they were all about how healthy the food is. Thanks, parents!

  • Anonymous
    Mar 07

    So, while I totally see your argument for no sugar, and I don’t think it hurts to mention it to daycare this is part of the risks and uncomfortable Consequences of bringing your child to daycare. They will not parent exactly the way you would. My bet is they comply with your request for no sugar, but I’m sure your toddler will be protesting that. It wouldn’t be fair to take sugar away from all the kids. And normal healthy eating for society is sugar in small amounts or moderation, not necessarily no sugar. So I bet they do a pretty good job with healthy foods, but I understand and respect your desire not to give your child any sugar. I think you just set a limit at the daycare for no sugar. They can treat like they do a peanut allergy for another child.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 07

    Not sure u can say much, unless u send in your own snacks etc. otherwise ur kid is gonna feel left out. I would send some “dessert” snacks u use at home for her to eat during their dessert snack time.

  • anonymous mom
    Mar 07

    I would talk to the director. Then if they don’t change it I’d switch daycares. My daughter goes to a center and they only give out sugary stuff on extreme occasion (for example, on Valentine’s Day the children mixed up their own rice crispy treats by hand and got to eat them. It was the equivalent of one rice crispy treat per child. I was okay with that), but for the most part it’s whole foods (as in wholesome ingredients, not the chain!) and non refined sugars.

  • Ivy
    Mar 07

    I would ask them to let you know ahead of time when they offer sugary snacks, so you can bring a substitute for your daughter during those days. My son has lots of dietary restrictions (eggs, nuts, dairy) and cannot have simple pleasures (like some fruits). You’d be surprised how used to it he is, and that he will take a substitute just fine.

  • Elle
    Mar 11

    Simply ask for a copy of the meal plan ahead of time and mark what they are alowed to give and not give her. Its a standard practice for daycare centers. (For what it's worth, I would be annoyed too!!)

  • Kathy Patterson
    Mar 14

    I am a Director of a daycare and it is required to post our weekly menus for parents to see. We don't offer "desserts" but do have fruit with every breakfast and lunch meal. We also allow parents to request no sugary foods on their child's information papers. I would just tell her you prefer your child not have any sugar and maybe suggest fresh fruit instead.