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Need parents opinions


I'm a pretty damn good mom of twins but it gets hard a lot of the time. My S/O works a lot to provide for the family. It feels like he isn't doing what he should with the babies though. They're a little over a year old and I was hoping he would interact with them more. He basically gets home and says hello, gives hugs, kisses and every now and then will play with them for 5 or 10 minutes. Its basically been like this since they were born. He gets upset when he's really tired and I ask him for help and acts like I don't understand what he does all day at work and even acts like me asking him is an inconvenience. I'm literally exhausted all day from taking care of the babies that I can barely get anything else done. Do other men actually spend more time with their kids even though they work almost every day of the week? Am I being too harsh and unappreciative about what he does? I could use some parents thoughts and opinions.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 18

    Of course other men spend time parenting their children while supporting the family. Parenting isn’t just providing financial support or putting roof on their heads or just buying food. I guess you fell in the roles of past times where u take care of kids n he works. If you want change you are gonna have to work at it. Your are not being harsh and unappreciative; the father needs to do his half of parenting. I don’t know how you do this with twins all by yourself; props to you. Sit down with your husband and have a discussion and tell him how this is affecting the babies and his relationship and your marriage. Have him make small Changes to be present in the family life.