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Need safety advice about wall heater

Hi, our daughter is turning to 1 year old and starts walking all around. We have a wall heater in a narrow corridor (see photos). We googled online and most people used fireplace gate but it will not fit in our home as the corridor is really narrow. And advice will be appreciated! Thanks!

  • B
    Feb 24

    Can you build a wood box around the bottom? Like a radiator cover (google it)

  • Lynn
    Feb 24

    With one kid it wasn’t an issue. With 2, it was a lot more unsafe. Ours was in a hallway smaller than by code and the fireplace screen worked quite well. We had less room to walk, but it was enough. Get 4 panel so you can angle it as you walk by.

  • Anne
    Feb 25

    If you need to use the heater, i would build something to protect the base, but maybe get some help as you don’t want it to be a fire hazard (if wood, make sure heat and fire resistant). We had these in one of our apartments and we just never turned that radiator on. We got a space heater instead and put it in a safer place. Used more power but it was less worry.