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Need to wean my bf 17 month old

Hi everyone. I’m in tears having to admit this but I just can’t nurse my baby girl anymore. I’m 16 weeks pregnant and I’ve been (almost: except a few times) EBF my daughter since she was born. My nipples are so sensitive that I get so agitated and irritated when I nurse her. I still nurse her for naps and bedtime but she hasn’t nurses during the day in a while. We bedshare and she still nurses a few times a night. Every time we nurse I just want to push her away I’m so annoyed. I used to love it and all of a sudden it’s become so uncomfortable. I’m so sad I feel like I’m giving up but I can’t do it anymore. I thought we’d end up tandem nursing but I’m not sure our nursing journey will make it that far. Does anyone have any tips on getting a toddler to sleep after being nursed (and rocked) to sleep since forever without nursing? The only time she hasn’t nursed to sleep is when she falls asleep in the car. Idk how to make this transition and can’t find much about it from a google search.

  • Katie
    Dec 22, 2018

    Mine nursed to sleep until about 15 months - we had gotten him to once a day and then had to go cold turkey. It wasn't easy, but we just cuddled him instead of nursed. Eventually we got to the point that we would tell him, ok we are going to cuddle then put you in bed. Its probably going to be tough for a while, but hang in there - this too shall pass. Also, call your pediatrician - I'm sure they will have some tips for you.

  • Sarah
    Dec 22, 2018

    I had the same exact thing with my son when I got pregnant with our second! Nursed him a LOT still at that time and I was SO sore the first 2 months:( I actually wound up running out of milk around 16 weeks and was surprised. My son was 16 months old and got so upset because he would try to nurse and nothing would come out. It was a rough couple weeks because he would just cry and cry and hated a bottle and never took one from the time of infancy on, but eventually he decided it was better than nothing and would use that to fall asleep...we coslept too and I would hold him and cuddle him and rock him and just tried everything and it was a rough transition but after the transition he went to sleep really well when I would give him a bottle and lay with him. It is such a rough time, but I think you'll be grateful that she is weaned before the tiny baby arrives and you get to have the special bonding time alone with new baby and the kids don't have to feel like they're fighting for mom<3 best of luck!

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Dec 23, 2018

    I laid with my toddlers at that age (was pregnant and my nipples were so sensitive too. Same thing. Sooo uncomfortable) and rubbed their backs and sung and told them To close their eye and relax and just tried to help. Laid them Back down when they crawled away. It takes time but I always laid with them (Or my husband did) and tried to walk them through the process. There is also nothin wrong with on a rough night taking her for a car ride. Good luck. You can do it m