New boyfriend

How long should I wait to bring my son around my new boyfriend? I've been good friends with my bf for almost 10 years now, but we didn't start being a couple until recently. When and how should I tell my child's father? My child's father and I have been broken up for almost 2 years, but still living together until about a month ago. My child's father and I had no issues not being together and both dated other people during that 2 years, but nothing very serious. Also since I moved out my ex has been extremely jealous and possessive of me bringing my son around anyone-including my girlfriends and family. This wasn't an issue when we lived together either. What is the best way to go about this?

  • Kerry
    Mar 18

    Did your child know your bf before you started dating? How old is your child? Imo if youve known him for that long and trust him have him around your son but as a friend to him not a “father/dad” figure. The father cant dictate who you have around your son unless it puts your son in danger or a bad situation. If you have good friends and family, then have them around your son. Specially if you already had been doing that before you moved out and he didnt have a problem then. It seems like hes trying to control you. If hes jealous thats his problem you have been broken up for 2 yrs and he shouldn’t be jealous. Ask him why its a problem see what he says. My husband and I have a 13 month old. My hubby is an over the road truck driver so not home for several weeks at a time. He never questions who i have around our son as he trusts my judgement.