New Year weight loss

My baby will be 6 months in January and I’ve been promising myself I’ll make a conscious effort to lose the weight then. I don’t do well left to my own devices, just watching what I eat and exercising. Anyone have a diet/program they like? I’ve had success with weight watchers previously and have heard great things about intermittent fasting. Bonus points if there is an Apple Watch app!

  • Lisa
    Dec 21, 2018

    I just had my daughter in February this year, and in May I started semi following the Keto diet (you can look it up online), basically it is Low carb, high fat, gluten free eating. I started baking breads and muffins with my 3 YO, which he loves! And since May, I’m down 43 of the 45 lb I gained carrying my daughter! And don’t feel like I have really been dieting! I eat whatever fruit and veggies I want, but try to resist store bought breads, and eat a nice portion of meat at each meal. I’m having fun with it and I’m basically at my first goal of loosing this baby weight about 2 year earlier than I did with my son, my next goal is HS weight (another 20 lb)

  • Anonymous
    Dec 21, 2018


  • Lindsay
    Dec 22, 2018

    WW is great bc they have a breastfeeding plan if you’re doing that. It helped me lose weight but slowly so I didn’t lose my supply. Beachbody is also a great resource for weight loss and healthy eating. I also signed up for a half marathon 9 months after my son and that really kept me on track.

  • Sara
    Dec 24, 2018

    I am digging the Peloton app. You can download their app and take their fitness classes (yoga, cardio, etc) even without owning a bike (I don't own a bike) and there's a free trial period. I always find that when I'm doing regular exercise I'm more likely to care about what I'm eating and stick to a healthy diet.

  • Stephanie
    Dec 24

    I lost over 80 pounds after my 2nd pregnancy by eating small meals and limiting sweets. I also limited fatty foods like meat. I drank lots of lemon / lime water.

  • Jennifer
    Dec 27

    My husband and I did a diet together. Chicken and veggies for like 4-6 months he had more weight to loose than I did so he went a few months longer. In went from 165 to 129 and he went from 260-190. Also Walked/ran 3-5 miles a day and stopped drinking pop. Unfortunately we both did gain some weight back so now I’m about to be back at it. Eating out ruined it so that will definitely have to go away.

  • Danielle
    Dec 27

    My daughter is now turning 3 I have not been able to get back to normal both mentally and physically this can’t possibly be post pardon 😩