Newly single mom

Me and his dad are still together til our lease is up in February. We are cordial but it's hard to set boundaries when grieving under the same roof. Do any other single parents have advice for going through a breakup while still living together? I'm especially having a tough time with accepting the breakup as valid and permanent. I really never wanted to be a single mom but here I am. In my heart of hearts I know this is the best decision but I'm still having trouble accepting that my 2 year old son is having to witness this separation and I who usually handles 90% of raising my son is now going to have to do it 99% on my own as well as work full time. Please give your best advice for getting over this hump .

  • Anonymous
    Jun 17

    I wish I knew exactly what to say as I admittedly have had thoughts of divorce with my husband, but being open to him, we're are working on our relationship. I don't know what you may need specifically but these are some of the things that came across my mind. 1) Make an effort to go out be it for yourself or time with your son. Giving yourself room to breathe away from home is always good no matter what for. 2) Friendships. I fail at this but I still make an effort. There are a few "Mommy and me" events that it's nice just talking to other parents. You may even come across another single parent that can give you better advice than me. 3) Time for yourself. Find a sitter or maybe family/friends who wouldnt mind helping and take a day to yourself like watching a movie, sleeping in or whatever else. It'll be a good start on working on being your own person. 4) My neighbors have been super friendly. They have always offered to help and I have been too shameful to accept. Honestly it'd be good to build up that neighborship of sorts even if you're moving later. 5) If anything else, talking to a therapist. You do whatever you need to better yourself.

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 09

    You can’t move on until you physically move on. At least that’s been my observation of others going through the same thing. I would honestly reevaluate sticking it out until February. It sucks, but breaking a lease and eating the $$ required to do so would make a lot more sense to me than living with my ex for the next 6 months.