Nickname dilemma

My sons name is William and we call him Liam. He just started daycare a month ago and everything has to be labeled with his real name and his papers have to have his real name etc. So upon starting I mentioned William is his real name but he goes by Liam. There are probably 3-5 teachers that are between his room and I know some call him by William and some Liam. My husband is really upset by this and thinks my son will be confused (he’s 18 months) by them using his real name. While I understand that and certainty DONT want him confused, part of me thinks that’s just the reality of a nickname and he’ll have to deal w that for the rest of his life, so what ever 🤷🏽‍♀️ (also I don’t *think* it confuses him bc he’s one and just runs around like a chicken w it’s head cut off all day anyways lol) Should I correct them and make sure they are calling him Liam or just let it be?

  • Karin
    May 23

    My son is named Alfred but we’ve always called him Alfie. He hates the name Alfred (we just wanted him to have a “grown-up name” when he was an adult if he wanted). His preschool insisted on using his full name on things and teaching him to write his full name and he was really angry about it. We pushed back and most of the teachers got over it. He pretty much ignores anyone who uses his full name or decides he doesn’t like them - I feel like it’s important that he knows his whole name, but that people should show him respect by calling him what he likes to be called. We are teaching him to correct people by saying, “I like to be called Alfie.”

  • Dana
    May 23

    We have three versions of my son’s name plus cutsie ones, his friend made up two more, and even more of each for our daughter, and they’re both fine :) We actually have to use one in a group class because there’s another child with the same name and it was less confusing. Good luck.

  • Cynthia
    May 23

    For both of my sons, we call them their Chinese name at home, and for sure the school teachers can't do so. Older son went to preschool when he was 2 yr 1 mo and he just said he has a different name at school. Younger son went to day care 1 yr 3 mo and it seems things are working in some way. Don't know how but that should just be the way young kids can be bilingual while we adults can't.

  • Katie
    May 23

    My daughter answers to all three of her names. Cecileia, Leia, or Peach. They adapt, don’t worry about it unless they are calling him a name you don’t want (Cici is a no no for us)

    May 23

    My youngest daughter's name is Audreanna and we call her Audrey. She was not confused however the teachers insisted that she was spelling her name wrong because they were teaching her to put a y in her full name. Your husband should not be upset because each school will be different. He is correct that he can politely tell them he prefers to be called Liam.

  • CheerioMama
    May 23

    My son is 9 months old and his name is Troy. We also call him TJ as his middle name starts with a J. He responds to both and your son is much older. I don’t think confusions will be a problem. Or if it is, it won’t be a problem for very long. Kids are smart.

  • PK
    May 24

    My son’s name is Ethan but we call him “poops” lol. He responds to both... when he responds. He’s always so occupied doing his own thing that he ignores us most of the time anyway. 😆