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Night weaning

Any advice on night weaning? My son sometimes can self sooth during the night, but most of the time he needs a bottle to get back to sleep. He is up more now at 10 months compared to when he was 2 months! I know there’s a strong bottle to sleep association going on. I gave him a bottle of water last night (or else he would’ve drank a days worth of milk if I let him). Seems to be more of a bottle rather than milk thing. He is not a fan of pacifiers at the moment. My plan is to gradually give only water over night. Anyone have success with this method? Any other methods you’ve tried? Thanks!

  • Victoria
    Jan 29

    I had this issue with bottle to sleep connections but decided to sleep train. I did the Ferber method and it worked great. My LO sleeps through the night now (most nights) lol The issue is the bottle so I’d do a few more nights with water but then take it away. There will probably be crying involved so just be ready to be there to rub their back.

  • J
    Jan 29

    I’m in the same situation my LO is 7 months and she’s only had one bottle during the night pretty much since we brought her home from the hospital and stopped waking her to feed (worse advice from the doctors that I ever listened too 😫)... id like to sleep train but my husband isn’t on board because we both get up at 2am to go to work and have his stepson 2-3 nights a week.. I was thinking about gradually cutting back the amount of formula she gets during the night until she gets nothing. Plus I think she has teeth coming in and she’ll wake up almost every hour just to be held and comforted (so exhausting!) Best of luck!

  • Crystal
    Jan 29

    Different things work for different babies. The cry it out method didn't work for my daughter and did the water in the bottle. I just kept the water by her bed all night. She eventually just weaned herself. I tried the water with my son and he freaked out lol. But the cry it out method worked like a charm. Try different things, but give each one some time. Hang in there, he'll sleep through the night before you know it.