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Nipple pain

Having issues with bleeding? Advice!

  • Sara
    Apr 15

    Ask your ob/gyn to prescribe prescription strength nipple cream (called APNO). It was a lifesaver for me. A few applications of it and it will really toughen up your nipples and heal wounds that are present. It requires a prescription though -- nothing over the counter works as well as this.

  • Megan
    Apr 15

    I had a terrible time with bleeding with my first. I literally had to pump and dump because there was too much blood. The only thing that worked for me was to air them out as much as possible! I would t wear a bra at all when home and would just deal with the leaking. Because I went through this with my first, I did it with my second for preventative measures, and I didn’t bleed at all with him.

  • Sabrina
    Apr 17

    Try lanolin cream. It’s a life saver

  • DD
    Apr 18

    Use earth mama nipple cream BEFORE pumping or breast feeding and immediately after