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No issues in daycare, but acts out at home

my 22 month old son just started day care beginning of June. We slowly did it , sort of transition time where we placed him longer each day. The following week was good, then he got sick the next, and this week, he always wanted to be carried, and when you do he tries to push you away then you put him down and he wants to be carried again. This goes on for 3 hours! Im at my wits end, because he only acts up at home. Is this normal behavior?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 02, 2019

    This is very normal - the sign of a well adjusted toddler is that they behave well outside of the home and act up at home. They feel safe enough to do so in front of you and your family. Home is the safe zone and I can tell you from experience, my son is still the exact same. He is an angel at school and my little terror at home 😂 it could also take some time for your son to transition - months and months - to going to daycare and not always being around mommy. Give it time and just be patient and calm - as much as possible. You got this mama 👍🏻