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No more purée baby food?

My daughter is 10 months old and is now eating everything I can eat. This is great but she’s now giving up on her purée baby food. I honestly think it’s because she knows it’s not what I’m eating and she can’t pick it up with her hands. Anyone else going through this? Do I totally stop with baby food? There’s so much veggies and fruits that can benefit her!

  • Chris
    Nov 03, 2018

    You can buy veggie fries and other veggie things that taste good and that she can eat. I think that the purée stuff is more for beginning and then they move on to real food. The only thing they still need until the age of one is their formula.

  • anonymous mom
    Nov 03, 2018

    It’s normal and should actually be encouraged!!!! She’s giving them up because she likes textures, which is a very good thing. Still feed her the same fruits and veggies she enjoys but as regular food. My daughter started to resist purees around 8-9 months and by 10 months refused them completely. I saw it as a blessing !

  • Kendall
    Nov 03, 2018

    Yeah! Just stop the purees and give her all finger foods! My son did that too, so now he just has table food

  • cocomac
    Nov 03, 2018

    Yes. I’m doing baby led weaning so going straight to real food when she shows interest, around 6-7 months. I actually know of someone that purées for so long that his esophagus never developed or something and he vomits up any normal food and he’s a toddler!

  • Cristina
    Nov 03, 2018

    This is great! It is cheaper and easier. I have two children 5 and 2, they both stop eating purées early because they wanted to try what I was eating. I would just cut everything very small or even chew it a little bit myself ( I know disgusting, but I guess that is the way it used to be)

  • Ivy
    Nov 03, 2018

    My son likes steamed veggies, but especially sauted veggies that are well seasoned. He also eats what we eat. But our son also enjoys a green smoothie to, on days I don't cooked much greens. He sees me drinking and fights me for some

  • Jamie
    Nov 03, 2018

    I would stop purees and start researching baby led weaning. I did baby led weaning with my first, he is 2.5 and we never had to buy baby food, or puree food for him. Always got to eat a warm meal as a mother. ;) About to do blw with our 2nd. :)

  • Najela
    Nov 03, 2018

    My son does this now too and I would just put his baby food in a smaller container then put it on my plate so when I'm eating and he wants any of my food I kinda trick him and just take it from the baby container I have on my plate haha

  • Heidi
    Nov 04, 2018

    I would stop. My son stopped eating baby food around that age. He had zero interest in baby food once I started giving him the good stuff!

  • Elizabeth
    Nov 05, 2018

    Thank you everyone!!!!