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No social life


Is it just me or is motherhood really lonely? I literally go weeks where I have no contact with anyone other than my husband, my sisters, or my mom. I work from home so I have no work friends. We moved when we had kids and I have one friend here and lots of acquaintances. I know other moms are busy but it feels like no one even tries to get to know me. Like, no one even asks me questions about me or my family. So then I offer info about myself and that puts others off (even though they talk about themselves plenty). My husband and I work opposite schedules most of the time so the kids and I are a package deal. It has been this way for years. I have seen a therapist and it is just very hard on me! I don’t understand if it is the area where we live or just this time in our lives. I really don’t understand why others have no interest in getting to know me.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 29

    🙋🏻‍♀️right there with you! You at least have family... my mom is no longer around. I have two brothers and a dad who are pretty disconnected with me. Closest girls I talk to are my MIL and SIL who are on the other side of the country. Then I have one close mom friend that I made. Other moms that I have tried to connect with... only really seem to talk about themselves. I keep trying to have engaging conversations with them, but it always ends with a short statement and no further questions on their part. I run out of questions and topics 😂 It’s lonely... but then I keep myself busy. I’m a SAHM.. so my son and I go on a lot of adventures together (we live in San Diego, lots to do)... and when I have “down time,” I read, clean, catch up on some tv shows... I have mom acquaintances... with whom I get together with once in a while to help my son socialize. We also take classes so he gets the socialization with other kids around his age too.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 31

    Thank you for the response! It makes me feel a little less alone. I live in a rural midwest town so I guess location doesn’t matter too much. I agree there isn’t much time in the day to miss having a friend but other times it feels brutal. It feels like my kids connect with the kids of people I connect with. However, I rarely connect with anyone and same for them! Here’s to making some friends or at least having a two way conversation!

  • Hayley
    Aug 02

    I feel you too! I work from home as well about 30 hours a week and take care of my son alone Tuesday-Saturday. My mom and dad are not as involved with my son as I thought they would be. Sometimes I feel really lonely, but I’m not really sure what to do about it.

  • Tiffany
    Sep 19

    Are you in any local mom groups? You’ll find other moms like yourself that you can relate and possibly be able to get & interact with them and their children.

  • Lauren
    Sep 19

    Look up Moms groups on Facebook. Or join a gym with childcare. People are very busy and I’ve noticed even at parks other moms are usually there in groups, so they are not interested in talking to strangers. Or get your mom or sister to babysit and join a art class, dance class, ANYTHING where people are away from phones. You will for sure meet some people that way!