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Not sleeping through the night 16mo old.

My 16mo old is still not sleeping through the night.... some nights is worse than others. Some nights I see him with his eyes closed and his arms and legs just keep kicking and moving around. He sleeps with my husband and I.... as that is the only way I can get him and me to go back to sleep quickly. Is this an issue?? Thank you for your responses and time :)

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Aug 30

    Cosleeping is not an issue unless it’s something you as parents don’t want to do. It’s a personal choice as long as it’s done safely. For this age, several of my kids have had weird regressions where they were up in the middle of the night for a few hours or slept poorly. It does get better. Hang in there!

  • Kieli
    Aug 31

    My 2 year old does the same thing. I rock her to sleep at night, and almost every night between 12-4 am she wakes up calling for me, so I put her in the bed with me and my husband. I have tried letting her cry it out, but hearing her call for me was just too heart breaking. And I agree with MamaNukes, cosleeping is definitely a personal decision. Some night my husband gets very frustrated, and other nights he asks me to put her in bed with us. If you guys don’t have a problem with it, he will eventually want to sleep alone I’m sure. We just bought a bigger bed so we can all sleep together lol

  • Robert
    Sep 02

    Have you tried the Furber Method? It worked fairly well for us. I started off with 1 and a half minute intervals and went from there. It is hard to hear them cry.

  • Samantha
    Sep 05

    Sleeping through the night is a developmental milestone that most kids don’t hit until around 18 months. Don’t worry girl! Cosleeping is not an issue as long as you are doing it safely- like both the parents in the bed cannot be on medication.

  • Elle
    Sep 10

    Just make sure he is getting the amount and quality of sleep necessary recommended for his age. Quality sleep is required for the brain and body to rest and recover so that it can take in more information the next day. Kids at this stage are learning, leaening, learning. Their brains are going all day long.

  • Aleksa B.

    Thank you all for your responses!! Very helpful and nice to know I have other mommas here by my side