Nursing Mama

Any recommendations for a nursing mama looking for cute tops? Is there such a company providing such a thing?

  • Angel
    Jan 18

    I get mine from Amazon. They have some seriously cute ones. My MIL got me a pink and blue floral tank top and I still wear it when it’s warm even though my youngest weaned like 6 months ago.

  • Diana
    Jan 18

    I also used Amazon and loved the criss-cross style. However, after I weaned, I realized that children consignment stores/sales also carry nursing mama tops at way cheap prices — I wish I had discovered that earlier! If you have any stores in your area, check them first and also check to see if they have any pop up sales in your area

  • Jade
    Jan 18

    I try to buy regular clothing that is more accessible! So wrap tops or blouses with buttons, or stretchy necklines that can be pulled down easily without losing their shape! Sometimes I just lift up my shirt 🤷🏻‍♀️ Basic nursing tanks are great for layering underneath. This brand is a little pricey but so cute, sustainable and ethical! Which is awesome.

  • Lucy Kent
    Jan 18

    I used all my regular clothing and just wore different colored tanks underneath. Just pulled up my shirt and my belly was hidden. It was so much easier than trying to find clothes and then trying to figure out the hook/button while I have a hungry baby in my arms.

  • Jackie
    Jan 18

    Seraphine has nice quality and stylish options but somewhat pricey

  • Jenn
    Jan 18

    Destination Maternity has cute ones. I still wear them and am not breastfeeding

  • B
    Jan 18

    I love Latched Mama. H&M and old navy also have really cute ones, often with good sales

  • Ivy
    Jan 18

    I wore tanks under my normal tops. I wasn’t into the split sectioned shirts and some of the wrap styles just looked too obvious. Nothing wrong with them, but I found it much cheaper to continue wearing the tops I already like and feel comfy in, and just lifting it to breastfeed. I even did the same with dresses, and wore spandex or shorts underneath, and it was like a little cover too. I do second H&M and Old Navy for nursing clothing and even bras.

  • Jordan
    Jan 19

    Uniqlo has amazing stretchy tops-tanks and tees and even bras (not with slips but so easy to pull down) that are perfect for nursing. They’re really similar to the fabric of Spanx but are way cheaper and less restricting

  • Suz
    Jan 23

    I like Milk Nursingwear brand! Some items from them are available on amazon in addition to on the brand web site.

  • Vonda
    Jan 23

    I get mine from boob design and storq.