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Nutrition: stored milk from months ago vs. formula


My milk supply is crashing. I can either feed my five month old with: - Frozen breast milk from when he was 0-4 months old. Maybe add vitamin drops. - Formula. Maybe add vitamin drops. I want the most nutrients for my child. On one hand, breast milk for a younger baby supposedly isn't as nutritious for an older baby. On the other hand, formula supposedly isn't as nutritious as breast milk. Without getting into the eternal breast vs. formula debate: Will it be more nutritious - in my case - to use the frozen breast milk from when my baby was younger, or use formula?

  • Laura
    Jan 15

    Not sure, but you could split the difference and do half and half

  • Jenine
    Jan 15

    I thought frozen breast milk was good up to 6months? Double check that, but if so, use up the breast milk and then if you continue to have a milk supply issue then start on the formula.

  • B
    Jan 15

    I’d do some of each. But no need for vitamin drops. The main benefit of breastmilk is the antibodies, not more nutrients. If you’re worried talk to a doctor. Too much of some vitamins is harmful

  • Anonymous
    Jan 15

    Yes that's true Jenine, it's still good for drinking. I'm referring to how the nutritional composition of the milk we produce changes as the baby grows, starting with colostrum, to transitional milk, to mature milk, etc. So milk produced for, say, a newborn will be different from milk for a six month old. I'm worried that the milk I froze when the baby was younger, though still ok to drink, won't have the nutrition the baby needs now that he's older.

  • Destinee
    Jan 15

    It doesn’t matter when the milk was pumped, the main nutrients are the same. Maybe fat content changed a little, but it’s fine. No need to add vitamins to formula because it has all the vitamins baby needs. I would finish out your frozen stash and switch to a formula that works for you. That’s what I did. Also, if baby isn’t on solids they will be soon enough, and they will be getting vitamins from there too.