Only child problem

So I took my 4 yo daughter to one of those jumping places. She wanted to find someone to play with and she asked a few random kids if they wanted to play, and with the exception of one younger girl, everybody said no. Poor thing, she was so heartbroken. She played with that little girl for a minute but eventually lost her. She later on was playing by herself at the playground with some balls. When we were leaving I asked her if she had fun and she said no, because nobody wanted to play with her. Later at bedtime I asked about her day and she mentioned the same thing. It breaks my heart to see that those feelings were still bothering her. I don’t want to say someone is in the wrong here because they are kids, but, I feel like people aren’t as friendly as they used to be. I get that it’s important to teach kids “don’t talk to strangers”, but that applies to adults, not to kids, right?

  • Momof2
    Nov 18

    I totally relate it is so heartbreaking when another kid doesn’t want to play with your child! I don’t think it’s because you’re a child is an only child though the same thing happens to my kids. Unfortunately I think it’s just part of growing up to learn that not everybody wants to play with you when you want to play with them. Hard lesson to learn though and harder to watch

  • Audrey
    Nov 21

    Totally hard to watch. I’m still trying to figure it out lol My older daughter used to have to have someone to play with. And would be a mess if no one would. She is 8 now and tends to want to take all the control over games which makes other kids not want to play. I can give her tons of ideas but she doesn’t really listen. My younger daughter was always happy to play and entertain herself, is not big on talking to new kids/adults on her own. But now that she’s in school she has made a handful of friends and sometimes steals her sisters friends, though not on purpose. She’s just cute and easy going so older girls love pretending she’s their sister lol. I just tell the older one to relax and just have fun you don’t need other ppl to have a good time. (Easier said than done for little people) possibly instead of “want to play with me? Or can I play?” Maybe have her just start with “hi, what are you doing/playing?” I was an only child till I was 6. I tended to gravitate towards adults until 1st grade and even then on field trips I would constantly talk to the chaperones lol Good luck it’s learning for her and you. 😊

  • David Carmona
    Nov 24

    Give her an awesome toy all the kids want, and she'll be the most popular ;) I was kinda one of these kids going up and remember sports and arts open up great friendships.

  • Penelope
    Dec 02

    Kids aren’t open to new kids all the time. Or they get weirded out by strangers. You’re told not to talk to strangers as kid too, and if they’re older that’s not really that unusual. She’ll most likely do jt to someone else’s kid one day. It’s life. Adults do it too. We go to the trampoline place with my 2yr old and she was 1.5 or younger at first. But we go in with her. We’re the friends. And we never expect other kids to play with her. If she wants friends then I’d bring them, or find a swim class or day care with consistent pupils. Or a mommy and me dance class, or a birthday party. Something that’s always at the same time and with the same crew. I honestly don’t think I really see many kids actually making friends when we go. If anything, they’re telling the other one to get out of the way or shoving them to make room. They’re kids. It’s all a learning process and they don’t know what’s nice and what’s mean. You live and you learn. And if they’re not interested just make sure she knows that’s she’s doing anything and to not let it get her down. There’s always tomorrow and the right friend will come along eventually.