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Only one who’s husband isn’t as helpful with kids?!


I swear everyone I talk to says their husband gets up with the kids or makes them meals, changes diapers etc. my spouse is helpful with dishes, food shopping, vacuuming and maybe a few other small things, but he has an extremely demanding career and stays up working late from home most nights after working a 10 hour day. This means it’s always me getting the kids up at 7 am and feeding them all their meals, changing them etc. I usually don’t mind, but when I hear so many people with such different situations it makes me wonder if this is unfair and he isn’t doing enough as a dad?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 02

    I’ve learned that you really can’t change that unless your husband wants to put that extra effort in. Maybe u can try to do those chores for him so that he can spend that time with them. Every situation is different.

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 08

    My husband helps with our child a lot....for approximately 30 minutes a day. Lolol. To be fair, he takes care of all the outside stuff (lawn mowing, landscaping, gardening, scheduling car repairs he can’t do himself, oil changes, etc), and even inside stuff to a degree (he unloads and loads the dishwasher while I bathe the baby. But when it comes to direct parenting, it’s either all me or both of us (but still mostly me). I don’t think you’ll be able to motivate your husband. He will need to find that motivation himself. Good luck.