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Opinions on Ferber method?

My husband and I have decided to try it on my 18 month old. He’s just not sleeping well consistently. Anyone have any input or tips? Anything would be helpful.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 27

    It worked for us. Idk if it’s exactly the Ferber method but we did increments of time... so we would let our son cry for 3 min then go in to calm down, then 5, then 7 and then consistently at 10. Did this for 3 days and then that was it. My son was also 9 months at the time though. With a toddler it may take longer I heard because they’re a bit more stubborn!

  • Lilina
    Jan 27

    It worked for my 4 month old. Took about 3 days and we used a nested bean sleep sac and he has slept through the night 7:30-7am since we did it and he’s 7 months