Opinions on picky eaters

Do you accommodate your toddlers pickiness or do you give in just to get them to eat something?

  • Maw-Maw
    Jun 12, 2018

    Pick a few things they do like and then give them a choice.

  • Marika
    Jun 12, 2018

    A mixture of accommodation and trying to have something new eaten! I do choices of what he likes and a new food cut small for tasting. I am happy when something new is tried and a small portion/tiny is less intimidating then a regular size one for my lil one. And if he really doesn't want to try I make a point that he doesn't have to eat it, if he doesn't like...but try! And then if all that won't work I would tell him how sad the little Pea etc is for being left out on the plate and not even tried....very often he changes his mind....now he loves Peas.

  • Hannah
    Jun 12, 2018

    I never accommodate. I was accommodated for as a child for years. I was obese, in my teenage years before I wouldn’t cry if I didn’t like dinner, and was horrifically wrong about what foods I did or didn’t like! I went on to become a pediatric dietitian because as I learned about the damage done by my child eating habits, it became a passion of mine to help other parents do better. My now 3.5 year old comes to the table, tries what she’s interested in, and if she doesn’t like it she waits for us to finish without a single complaint. She’s never praised to eating, or disciplined for not eating. Your job as a parent is to teach a child what a balanced meal looks like, not be a short order chef. If I know dinner isn’t going to be a favorite, I make sure we have a big breakfast the next day.

  • Amy
    Jun 12, 2018

    Daycare really helped us here. We were short order cooks, but daycare does catered breakfast, lunch, and snack. I was so worried he would starve without his favorites, but lo and behold he eats what is given without complaint, or he chooses to not eat. It is amazing how much he has tried and enjoyed. Now I do dinner a mix of trying what we have and making what he likes. I empathize that kids get so few choices about what to eat... after all every night I get to cook food for myself that I know I'll enjoy. So if he had a day at school where he turned his noise up at most everything, I'll slide and do applesauce and chicken for dinner. If he ate well at school we will just serve him what we are having.

  • Kristin
    Jun 12, 2018

    Thank you guys for all the responses and keep them coming! I was having a convo with a friend about it. I don't accommodate picky eaters... And if they don't eat what I fix, they can have a selection of fruit or veggies instead. I do know what they like and haven't tried... And I tell them they have to take a few bites of anything new. (At least half... to know if they really like it or not) I have seen first hand the result of accommodating a picky eater.. I have a friend who is in her 30s and only eats hotdogs and fries... she honestly refuses to even try pizza... 🤤😫 My kids are older... 13, 10, and 2...and there have been times the 2 yr old doesn't eat his dinner. Lol

  • Kyra
    Jun 12, 2018

    I think it depends on your child and your own parenting technique. I teach my daughter that her opinions are important to me. Ofcoarse with that you must also be firm in making sure they make healthy choices. When you cook for guests you always ask if theres someting in particular they cant eat or dislike and then you can make a healthy meal omitting whatever those things are. I try to do this with my daughtrr as much as possible because while im the adult, i want her to know that its okay to not like somethings and let other people know. I provide many vegetable options and let my little one decide which ones she likes and which ones she doesnt. She also likes to eat what i eat so sometimes ill sit down with bowl of vegetables and she wants some of "my" snack. On days when i dont feel like trying so hard, i sneak them into certain things. My daughter loves juice and will literally drink any kind of juice. So carrot juice or mixed veggie drinks are great for us.

  • JJ
    Jun 13, 2018

    Nope. They’ll eat when they’re hungry for the most part. My kids eat whatever we eat.

  • Shalay
    Jun 14, 2018

    These comments are all very good. My son is a picky eater like my brother as a child and its so frustrating. Eating lunch at the daycare helped him learn to try new things but when i cook those things at home he wont try. visually it has to look the same which is difficult. I used to stress myself out but now I dont fight. If he wants breakfast for dinner ok. your stomach doesn't know the difference . our jobs as parents is to make sure they are growing and healthy

  • Kt
    Jun 14, 2018

    I love all the responses! Ok... well my 5 year old will actually yak (yes, gag then barf) if we force him to eat something hes adverse to. My husband and father are very picky eaters and have dealt with people making comments towards them as adults. They also dealt with sitting at the dinner table until 11pm because they weren’t allowed to leave until they ate their food. I commend all of the people above who have gotten through this struggle, and awesome if you don’t ever have to deal with it. Now that he’s 5, he can understand that certain things are healthy and others are not. He does NOT get unhealthy food, but we do make adjustments for him. I don’t consider it giving in, but some might. Look, I’d cry if someone made me eat certain things too. Of note, there’s a cnn article online about paying kids to eat. It’s amusing... lol.

  • Jess
    Jun 14, 2018

    My daughter is almost 2 and meal time is always hit or miss...some days she eats it all and other days she barely touches it (example is just eating mustard for dinner the other night) but we feed her exactly the same things we are eating and just try to make sure there are a few things we know she likes. If she doesn’t eat anything or what we think is enough we offer a snack just before bed but don’t prepare a second meal for her.

  • Kerstin
    Jul 12, 2018

    Our toddler requests sausages, mac‘n cheese and pancakes pretty much every meal. And yes, sometimes I simply give in. But I also let him try all sorts of other things, and eventually, there is something he accepts and I try to work with that. For example, he loved Afghan rice at a restaurant one day, and we started offering him rice dishes of different sorts. That worked quite well. He refuses to eat veggies in pieces, so I blend them and mix them into a sauce he likes. Oh, and I make sure every meal he likes gets a cool name easy to remember. It seems like we are slowly getting somewhere but it is exhausting sometimes.