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Oppositional defiant disorder

Hi guys! I have a 19 month old who is just something else lol, ever since he was a baby he wouldn’t smile at people like other babies do, I have to say he is really smart he says a lot of words, and comprehends most of the stuff that a kid his age should, but he’s mad most of the time, he gets aggressive, if I try to help him he doesn’t like it he gets annoyed pretty fast by everything, when he was like a year old he would get excited every time he would see my parents (he sees them frequently like 3-4 times a week) now he even gets mad he doesn’t say hi o give them a kiss like he used to, same with his dad, we can be playing good and eating snacks and out of nowhere he gets up and throws the whole plate, I try to be really patient with him, I explain to him what he cannot do or why that’s bad for him and he instantly gets really angry, I been doing my research and ODD describes him a lot all the articles I’ve read say that kids with this conditions get diagnosed when they enter elementary, I would like to know if anyone here has a child with this disorder and see when they started noticing these behaviors

  • Miss Maple
    Nov 13

    There are so many things to consider first... I suggest you see 1) a child psychologist or developmental specialist to see how much of this is typical 2)an occupational therapist for a sensory profile and evaluation. It is highly unlikely your child has the emotional and cognitive ability to even consider the types of processes involved in being "oppositional" and "defiant." It is much more likely there is something going on that is very hard to communicate with his current vocabulary and which because of his limited sense of the minds of others he is not even aware he should communicate in the first place! So sorry - this sounds so hard on you. But I bet ODD is not the answer...