Reston, VA


Our daughter has been at Ivy for just under a year now, (she started at 4 months old), and we have had a wonderful experience with them. We truly see Ivy as our “village”; it is more than just a daycare. I know she is safe and receiving excellent care because I can see how happy she is to arrive and how much she learns each day. I have dropped-in unexpectedly many times to drop her off late or pick her up early (and even once to check-in before we started there) and have always found the teachers taking excellent care of her and the other kids. I have seen them practicing what they preach- teaching the kids to learn through play, using sign language along with words to communicate, engaging them in new sensory activities, and learning to care for others through their circle time. This was a huge part of what drew us to Ivy, and we would never send her anywhere we thought she wasn’t receiving the best of care. My family and friends are always impressed when they see how much artwork and how many keepsakes she has made there. We are amazed at how communicative she is through sign language and vocally, and how well behaved she is at mealtimes, (which we attribute in large part to the family-style group meals). Even our pediatrician was impressed with the milestones she had reached by 1 year old. The teachers are extremely engaging and have gone above and beyond to make sure we are coping as parents. They helped us at 6 months to adjust our daughter to new solid foods and determine how much she needed at each meal. They helped us immensely working through our difficulty getting her to sleep through the night- giving us ideas for things to try, taking time in the morning to show us how they get her to sleep at nap time, and checking-in with us each day to see how she slept the night before. We love the use of Spanish at Ivy and see it as major selling point, bragging to our friends about words she recognizes in more than one language. We are also so grateful for the monthly Parent Coffee hours and the holiday activities like the Halloween party and Parents’ Night Out for Valentine’s day, where we can learn more about new parenting strategies and skills and catch up with the other parents, which gives us another support group and place to seek advice. For example, another mother at the daycare gave me great advice about weaning after one of the Coffee hours. I love knowing all the kids’ names and their parents- it makes it feel so much more like a community than a daycare. You can probably tell by how much I’ve written here that we really have been thrilled with our experience there. I have recommended it to friends in the area and would encourage anyone looking for a safe and loving environment for their children to grow to visit and meet with Ann and Anna and see for themselves!