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Out of town or state trip with grandparent


This was an argument for me and dh today and I was just wondering how other people view it. Both my mom and mil have asked to take my one year old out of state (without us/me) and I have said no to both. My husband is upset I said no to his mom. So fellow parents what’s your opinion on it? Out of town vs out of state. Or overnights with either your parent of SO’s parent/in law. At what age? Etc.

  • Juliana
    Jun 11

    I have a 9 month old and she’s spend the night and weekends at my moms and my MIL. I trust them both equally. However, at such a young age, I would not allow either one of them to take my kid out of state. It would be hard for me to reach the baby if there should be an emergency. I do have 2 older boys and they have traveled out of state and country with their grandparents.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 12

    I let MIL have them overnight finally one day and my one yr old stayed up till 5 crying and not once did they call us, I reasoned it with they probably didn’t wanna bug us but they should’ve. My mom at least face times when lo gets upset and starts to say mama or da and if she isn’t calm tell us to come get them if we want.

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 08

    Hell. No.