Parents interview

What kind of questions are normally asked in the parents interviews for preschool. I really want my child to get accepted because it’s a such good fit for us and our fallback school is not so ideal. Thanks!!!

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 22, 2019

    Can you talk to one of the parents who already have a child there?? I’ve found that the questions vary quite a bit from school to school!!!

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 22, 2019

    Also, depending on where you live, I felt that what the directors at these preschools were mostly trying to learn from their “thought provoking” interview questions was how much $$ you’d be willing to donate on top of the tuition and fees. I live in OH now and it’s soooo different, but when I used to live in Manhattan the questions were all really trying to get a feel for how much money we had and were willing to give on top of what was already required.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 22, 2019

    Thank you so much for your response, they are helpful!

  • Anne
    Feb 25, 2019

    Yeah it’s so different from place to place. I agree the thing no one wants to admit but is often true is how wealthy you are and how likely you are to be a big donor. That’s definitely true of the more in-demand “elite” schools. If you’re looking at more “normal” schools they really just want to see you’re stable (financially, emotionally, etc), that you will be invested in the community and be the right amount of hands on or hands off depending on the type of school. Don’t sweat it too much, just be honest about what you want for your family and if they end up deciding it’s not a fit it’s probably the best for you too!

  • Sara
    Feb 27, 2019

    Don't stress! For the most part, they want to make sure you're a loving family and will fit into their community and have the right expectations of their program. So, do some research on the school to make sure you are aligned with their goals and philosophy. I sent my daughter to a preschool that didn't want a lot of parent participation and at the time we were 2 working parents so we fit in great. Now I send my daughter to a preschool that really values parent participation and a community and my husband is a stay at home dad so that's a great fit now. It really just depends on the school.